Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today's Phenology Report- Ramps!

There is a nice article in the NYT this weekend on the virtues of Ramps a type of wild leek found in the spring woods well before the start of morel mushroom season.  After seeing the lovely photo of Ramps and eggs for breakfast I leapt from bed and searched the backyard under the Viburnum where I had transplanted some ramps maybe 10 years ago.  Here is what I saw:

These beauties are about 6 inches tall.  Below is the pair of two on the right.  Notice how deep the stalk goes to the bulb and roots.  You need a good sturdy long trowel to lift these out intact.

Ramps are a perennial.  These are youngsters who probably reseeded from my original planting a few years ago.  The bulb remains and gets thicker each year.  All except roots are edible and can be chopped and used like scallions or garlic.  If you don't want to lose the plant you can just pick one of the two leaves from a number of Ramps and they will live to share another day.

No photo of my fried eggs with ramps breakfast but it was delicious.  Thanks Peggy.

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